Reporting discrimination always makes sense

Reporting discrimination always makes sense


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Have you been discriminated against, or have you witnessed discrimination?

You can use our report form to report discrimination or to submit a complaint of discrimination, which can be done anonymously. When you submit a complaint, you will be involved in the follow-up steps taken by Anti Discriminatie Bureau Zeeland. In the case of a report, we will only register the incident. The report form has some mandatory entry fields, because it is important for our registration to have some information about you. We will carefully guard your privacy. The data you send us will never be passed on, unless you explicitly give permission for this.

What is the point of reporting discrimination?

Reporting discrimination is always useful. Only if discrimination is reported, can action be taken to combat it. Anti Discriminatie Bureau Zeeland can help you by mediating with the person or organization you have a complaint about. In most cases, this is how a solution is found. If necessary, together with you, ADB Zeeland will report the incident to the police or submit a request for an opinion to the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. In this way, ADB Zeeland can help you to get legal action. In addition, your report of discrimination is also important to gain more insight into how often discrimination occurs and in what way. Using this data, we get more information about what is going on in society, and targeted policies can be developed in order to prevent and combat discrimination.

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